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Posted by Grace Bjornstad on October 13, 2020 | Last Updated: February 16, 2022 Autumn Flowers Halloween

Fall Floral Guides 🍂

What makes autumn so wonderful? So. Many. Things! Crisp air, colorful leaves, cinnamon spice, Halloween, pumpkin lattes…. Fall is a wonderful season of transition taking us from hot summer into a mild, enjoyable season before the coming of winter. It is a time of football, Thanksgiving, harvest festivals, bonfires, and sweater weather, too. Here at Mission Viejo Florist, we love the jewel-toned, rich flowers of fall with their deep colors, striking shapes, and intriguing textures. Dahlias, for example, are truly gorgeous. And colorful mums, cornflowers, asters, celosia, goldenrods, and more. To learn more about fall flowers, as well as fall-decorating tips, fall gifts, and more, peruse all of the fall-related posts we’ve assembled for you here. Enjoy!

Halloween is Almost Here

Halloween will be here soon, and children across the country are looking forward to a night full of candy and fun. They are on the search for the perfect costumes, as moms plan Halloween parties and get-togethers for family and friends.

Fall in Love With Your Fresh Fall Front Porch

Each season brings with it a certain feel that evokes change. When we acknowledge and celebrate that feel, we embrace the change that comes with the new season.

Plant Beautiful Mums for Fall Gardens

Whether you send these to someone special, use them in your home’s decor or plant them in your own garden, the beauty of chrysanthemums will enliven your fall like no other flower.

Fall-Themed Flowers for an Autumn Atmosphere

As August gives way to September, and communities across the country start to gear up for Fall, there’s not much that makes it feel like Autumn here in Orange County.

Top Your Fall Table With This

As fall settles in all around us, we begin to think about holiday entertaining and decorating for the season. The professionals at Mission Viejo Florist are eager to offer plenty of tips and advice for your fall tablescape this season.

Two Delicious Ways to Enjoy Flowers This Fall

The changing of seasons is an excellent time to experiment with new flavors, colors and fragrances. At your next fall get-together, consider bringing flowers together with a theme of roses.

Mums: A Sweet Fall Accent

No stranger to the pots at your front door or the garden bed, mums are, come Fall, the go-to flower. This blooming plant is everywhere during the season, owing to its hardiness (frost-proof nature), preference for shorter days and availability.

Our Favorite Gorgeous Blooms That We’re Thankful For

Having a favorite flower is like having a favorite song, or a favorite poem. Not everyone has one, but if you do, it probably says a lot about you. Your personality is reflected in your choices, opinions and preferences, and your choice of favorite flower is no different.

Choose Excellent Hostess Gifts for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is almost here, and most likely you have plans by now. If they include being a guest at someone else’s home for the traditional Thanksgiving feast, you’re among the lucky ones who get to skip the meal prep and table setting.

Tingle Your Spine with These Scary October Flowers

Happy October! It’s finally time to chow down on candy corn, order pumpkin spice lattes, watch scary movies, pick out costumes, and enjoy the cooler weather.

All of Autumn’s Rich Textures

Celebrate all of autumn’s delights as you decorate this season. The design experts at Mission Viejo Florist have some great tips and advice to spice up your fall decor this season.

Flowers In The Colors of Halloween

Halloween is rapidly approaching, which can mean more spider webs and skeletons than normal in our decorating schemes. Balance the spooky ambiance with beautiful floral arrangements that evoke an autumnal spirit and will last even after Halloween is over.

An Inspired Autumn Palette

Brighten your work space in a creative way by setting jewel-toned floral arrangements full of texture and rich, bold colors around your office to inspire and invigorate you and your co-workers.

Give Back on Giving Tuesday

With so many important days on the calendar during these fall and winter months, we at Mission Viejo Florist want to call one more to your attention: Giving Tuesday.

Bright Cornucopias for Thanksgiving

What’s your favorite part of Thanksgiving? The food? Family? Football? Flowers? Maybe you didn’t say that last one, but in our view here at Mission Viejo Florist, you should. Thanksgiving is a holiday rich with tradition.

Happy Flowers for the Host

If you like many Americans are spending Thanksgiving at someone else’s table, you owe it to them to partake in one of our oldest floral traditions: the gift of flowers to show your gratitude.

Autumn Florals & Centerpieces

Poet William Cullen Bryant once wrote the words “autumn is the year’s last, loveliest smile”. He was probably inspired by fall colors and the few remaining days of seasonable temperatures before winter, just as many are today.

Celebrations and Centerpieces for Thanksgiving

If you are like many of us, you drag out the same box of decorations every holiday. You know exactly where every piece goes year after year – after all, it’s tradition!

Halloween Decor, Design and Color

While many people associate Halloween decor with ghosts and witches on broomsticks, Halloween decorations don’t have to be scary or eerie.

Decorate with Autumn Flowers and Colors

The fall season in Southern California is a little different than in other parts of the country. While they break out sweaters and light their fireplaces, we enjoy warm sunny days.

Cornucopia History

The cornucopia is a traditional symbol of Thanksgiving, but contrary to popular belief, did not originate at the first Thanksgiving at Plymouth in 1621. Rather the cornucopia has a much longer legacy and a colorful history.