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Posted by Grace Bjornstad on September 12, 2016 | Last Updated: February 16, 2022 Birthdays Flowers

Celebrate with September Birth Flowers – Asters


This month not only gives us the opportunity to celebrate the September birthdays of those we love but to do so with one of our favorite little flowers – the birth flowers of September, asters. Most varieties bloom in the late summer and the fall, making these the perfect flower to choose for September birthdays. Stop by Mission Viejo Florist to see the wide range of asters – we’d love to design a bouquet for your loved one that features this complex little flower.

The name of the asters is derived from the Greek word for “star”, due to their starlike appearance. You’ll recognize an aster by its yellow center, surrounded by a ring of ray petals. An aster flower is a collection of very tiny tubular flowers which comprise the central disks, these are then surrounded by individual ray flowers. Looking at the contrast between the center disk and the petals, it may look like a single flower, but it is actually a self-contained mini-garden!

Asters are fragrant and colorful, and when growing outdoors they are a prime target for bees and butterflies – but when displayed indoors, they just share their beauty. Asters are also known by the names starworts, Michaelmas daisies, and frost flowers, and each is equally lovely in a birthday bouquet!

This September, send your loved ones a bouquet that features the “flower of the month”, the aster. Because they come in such a wide range of colors, they are easy to incorporate into any birthday design. Simply call the experts at Mission Viejo Florist and let us know that you would like a floral arrangement that showcases the aster – and we’ll do the rest.