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Posted by Grace Bjornstad on September 11, 2019 | Last Updated: February 16, 2022 Autumn Floral Design Flowers Valentine's Day

Plant Beautiful Mums For Fall Gardens

Enjoying the fall months and all that nature has to offer during this season is so easy when you include chrysanthemums in your season. Whether you send these to someone special, use them in your home’s decor or plant them in your own garden, the beauty of chrysanthemums will enliven your fall like no other flower.

With big, showy heads of petals and bright colors that rival autumn’s falling leaves, the splendor of fall can be yours to behold when you include mums in your Orange County decor or landscape in the fall months. Check out the favorite varieties of our floral designers at Mission Viejo Florist and choose something perfect for your home or garden this season.

We love using any variety of mum as an accent flower or feature flower in our arrangements. Here are some great choices to liven up any garden or decor, like in our Fall Fantasy and Garden Blooms Autumn bouquets.

Orange and Yellow Mums

Thistle Mum

Red Rover Mum

Spider Mum

Yellow Pompon

Orange and Yellow Daisy Mums

Anemone Mum

Quill Mum

Viking Mums

Fall Fantasy

Garden Blooms Autumn Bouquet

Growing Mums

If you’re planning to grow mums in your own garden for the fall months, be sure to plant them in the late spring or early summer seasons. Give them plenty of nutrient-rich soil, sunlight and water, but be sure to have adequate drainage. Allowing roots to become waterlogged will not allow the plants to thrive. Pruning leaves every so often also encourages growth, so keep an eye on your mums as they grow! As perennials, your well-cared-for chrysanthemums will grace your garden year after year.

Add pops of fall color everywhere you look when you feature mums in your home’s decor or garden. With a little care and attention, these beautiful blooms will be the spotlight of your fall decor. Add bursts of color and texture everywhere you look with chrysanthemums. For more growing tips or to learn more about your favorite types of mums, talk to the floral experts at Mission Viejo Florist. We’ll be happy to share our expertise and insight with you as you plan your fall decor.