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Posted by Grace Bjornstad on September 3, 2020 | Last Updated: February 16, 2022 Anniversaries Flower Gifts Flowers Love and Romance Valentine's Day Valentine's Day

Pair One of These Gifts With Flowers for a Super Romantic Gift

Nothing makes a grander impression than an enormous, gorgeous bouquet of fresh flowers. And this dramatic floral arrangement of roses, peonies, lilies, tulips and more – in radiant, blushing shades of pink and purple – is fit for royalty! It’s a remarkable gift that will be remembered forever.

Royal Radiance

Flowers are wonderful gifts because everyone loves a beautiful bouquet of fresh, fragrant flowers. Plus, flowers are always accepted with big smiles, joy, and thankfulness. Flowers produce feelings of happiness while also promoting tranquility. Not to mention, they’re so darn pretty!! There’s truly nothing like them.

So if you are looking to find the perfect gift, choosing flowers is the first step. If you want to make the gift even more memorable, find a great gift that pairs well with flowers. Here at Mission Viejo, we’ve got it covered for you. First, choose a gorgeous bouquet of fresh seasonal flowers expertly arranged by one of our designers, and then select an extra gift item to go with it. We have assembled a list of terrific gift ideas that go great with flowers. Keep reading to discover amazing gift combos for the special people in your life.

Home-Made Dinner

Delivering flowers and sumptuous dinner to someone is a win-win! Impress the special person in your life by combining gorgeous florals with a homecooked version of their favorite meal or take out from one of their favorite restaurants. It’s a great way to start a romantic evening.

Bottles of essential aromatic oils surrounded by fresh flower

Spa Essentials

Bath bombs, fancy soaps, and lotions are fabulous gifts and loved by nearly every overly-stressed person who needs to unwind and relax. Paired with a gorgeous bouquet of fragrant, fresh flowers, though, turns this spa experience into an extravagantly luxurious one.

Artisanal Chocolates

Just like smelling the delightful fragrance of fresh, elegant blooms and staring in reverie at their unbelievable beauty, so too does taking a bite of a decadent, high-quality piece of artisanal chocolate create the same uplifting reverie. Together, it’s a marvel of the senses beyond compare.


Show your loved one just how thoughtful you are by pairing a bottle of one of her favorite perfumes with a gorgeous array of fragrant, lush flowers. Women love perfume almost as much as they love to receive fresh flowers. Both make them feel special, adored, beautiful, and sexy. It’s a win-win combination.


Whether an expensive diamond necklace or an elegant silver charm, flowers paired with fine jewelry make for an exceptional gift. The soft, delicate flowers enhance the hard brilliance of the gems creating a visually striking picture. Flowers and jewelry together is definitely a swoon-worthy surprise.


For the special person in your life, no ordinary wine and flower gift combination will do. Instead, select the finest quality, freshest, and most fragrant blooms from a local florist, then pick up a bottle of wine whose bouquet will perfectly match the bouquet of the flowers. Think about the scent of the florals and the aroma and taste of the wine and you’ll realize they can enhance one another. Your loved one will be blown away by your creativity and thoughtfulness of this gift combo.

There are many gifts that pair well with flowers because flowers go with everything! They are the perfect gifts and make everything just so much better. The next time you’re ready to brighten someone’s day with a gift and a beautiful bouquet of blooms, peruse our online selection of floral arrangements for the best quality fresh flowers around.