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Posted by Grace Bjornstad on December 1, 2017 | Last Updated: February 16, 2022 Christmas

Sweet Secret Santa Gifts

Want to stand out from the Secret Santa pack this year? Avoid the gimmicks, bottles and funny mugs with quotes on them, we here at Mission Viejo Florist say.

Secret Santa is a great way to ensure that everyone at work or in a group of friends gets a gift this year, without breaking the bank. As much a game as a nifty gift swap, it brings people together for the common purpose of opening presents, celebrating and just generally being in the spirit. Once the identity of each Santa is revealed, the gig – but not the fun – is up.

We’ve got a fresh take on this gift exchange, and it involves flowers, of course. A delightful counterpoint to the boxed-and-wrapped joke gifts, our Apple Cinnamon Basket is a great example of what we’re talking about.

Aside from the fact that to gift wrap this would be a crime, the wash of seasonal, Christmas-colored blooms here are so cheerful, anyone would happily accept them. Little apple accents have been added along with cinnamon, making this a definite best-in-show gift. Simple, unfussy and thoughtful, this is exactly the sort of Secret Santa surprise that will have all the other participants swooning.

Let us at Mission Viejo Florist put together something sweet for your swap this year. We promise to keep your identity a secret!