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Posted by Grace Bjornstad on May 27, 2020 | Last Updated: February 16, 2022 Flowers

What Makes English Garden Style Arrangements So Gorgeous?

There are few things more charming than an English cottage garden with an abundant variety of flowers and plants flourishing with colorful blossoms from ground level to eye-level. The freshness and natural beauty of seeing a potpourri of blooms growing together in harmony is the essence of the English cottage garden as well as the English Garden Style flower arrangement. It’s a floral design unlike others in that it’s less structured and not at all stylized, yet arranged in a more natural way, as if representing the look of garden flowers freshly cut and loosely arranged together in a decorative urn or vase.

English Cottage

At Mission Viejo Florist, the English Garden Style is one of our favorite types of flower arrangements we know you’ll love it too. We will gladly work with you on creating an English Garden style bouquet for you for any occasion or just because you want this awesome, Victorian look in your home. 

Pink English Roses Blooming

English Garden Style Basics

The style of English Garden floral arrangements is one of natural grace, charm, and simplicity. Composed of easy-to-grow flowers that bloom together in the same season and paired with plenty of greenery also of the same season with a resulting look of celebrating the abundance of beauty of some of Mother Nature’s most amazing gifts. Usually the shape of this design is round or oval with large flowers such as peonies, roses, or dahlias accented with spikey florals such as larkspur, hollyhock, and snapdragons.  

Celebrate Spring or any special occasion with this beautiful arrangement of tulips and hydrangea.

Celebrate Spring

Best Occasions For Having

The English Garden style is perfect for any occasion. It’s understated elegance and subtle beauty if perfect for weddings, Mother’s Day, Just Because, Anniversaries, and more. Personally, we just love having this look in our homes, and it can be created during any time – as long the flowers are all from the same season. 

Blooming Flowers in Vintage Vase