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Posted by Grace Bjornstad on July 22, 2016 | Last Updated: February 16, 2022 Birthdays Flowers

August Birthstone Floral Designs

birthstone floral design

With August upon us, it’s time to turn our thoughts to those celebrating birthdays this month. When you think of birthday bouquets, what colors come to mind? In the summer, we love vibrant, bright shades of reds, oranges, yellows and pinks. The bouquets are lush and abundant with seasonal flowers. But during August, the floral designers at Mission Viejo Florist would like you to consider including another bright color – green!

birthstone floral designs

This month, we highlight the vivid greens of cymbidium orchids, green spider mums, roses and hydrangea. These lime or yellow-green blooms are front and center as we create bouquets which reflect the essence of the August birthstone, the peridot. The stone’s green is less intense than the emerald, and although the hue can range from a neon green to an olive tone, they all exhibit a gold tint. Adding yellow accents and blooms is a great way to reflect the jewel’s unique aesthetic. Peridots have long been cherished for their unique and rare beauty, and our peridot inspired birthstone floral designs exhibit those same qualities.

birthstone floral designsThe peridot makes a perfect inspiration piece for birthstone floral designs, and its promise of good fortune is an extra added benefit. When used in jewelry, fashion experts recommend pairing the gemstone with pastel colors. Our floral designers have taken that advice to heart and have created truly exquisite bouquets showcasing greens and pinks, reds and oranges. However, if your birthday honoree is less likely to appreciate flowers, succulents exhibit the subdued olivine shade of peridot and are a more sophisticated way to send a birthstone gift.

Mission Viejo Florist is dedicated to providing birthday gifts that exceed expectations. If you are looking to deliver a gift of flowers that are meaningful and beautiful to someone special this August, the designers here at Mission Viejo Florist would be happy to assist you with the perfect selection to celebrate their August birthday!