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Mission Viejo

Posted by Grace Bjornstad on September 10, 2023 Valentine's Day

How to Master the Art of Spooky Flower Arrangements for Any Haunted Mansion

Transforming your home into a cozy yet haunted haven this Halloween is within arm’s reach. While glowing candles and eerie pumpkins set the mood, summon the unexpected by embracing spellbinding flowers as ghoulish companions. If typical bright seasonal colors don’t satisfy your dark soul, or if you desire something more shadowy and sophisticated, the experts at Mission Viejo Florist, the top flower shop in Orange County, are here to reveal their Halloween tricks for crafting spine-tingling floral arrangements and a supernatural ambiance. Your haunted mansion is sure to be the talk of the graveyard all spooky season long.

Vase Choices

To begin your spooky flower arrangement, select a vase that oozes Halloween horror. Dive into the enchanting and spooky world of jack-o-lanterns, cauldrons, skulls, and vintage teapots adorned with dust and cobwebs. If you’re looking for a sophisticated scare, classic vases in gray, green, black, or muted autumnal tones will bring a creepy vibe as you craft the ultimate haunting effect through eerie blooms.

Deep & Dark Colored Blooms

Halloween’s eerie elegance is captured in the rich shades of dark-hued blooms, from black and burgundy to deep plum purple and blood-red. Fill your spooky vase with black hellebores, red amaranthus, purple calla lilies, black baccara roses, and burgundy or brown sunflowers. Though a selection of these stems are beautiful year-round, as the nights grow longer and the wind howls while dried leaves dance across front lawns, these flowers offer a new kind of sinister allure and dramatic splendor.

Light & Ghostly Colored Blooms

White flowers in a spooky arrangement echo the whispers of ghosts and spirits on All Hallow’s Eve, bringing an ethereal contrast to the dark and shadowy blooms. The gentle glow of white ranunculus, the mystical charm of quicksand roses, and the eerie elegance of white spider mums all weave an otherworldly tale. Paired with the silvery frost of dusty miller, they create a celestial ensemble, mimicking ghosts that sway and twirl in a moonlit cemetery.

Fall Accents

Flowers set the scene, but autumnal accents make your haunted home decor come alive—or undead! Add depth, drama, and unusual texture with purple filler flowers and scabiosa pods. Twist, turn, and sculpt branches into nightmarish silhouettes. Sprinkle in feathers as a nod to the infamous Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Rave”, and summon a haunting aura with dried floral elements. This concoction of autumn’s essence is designed to conjure a good Halloween fright!

Halloween Elements

For a truly haunting display, delve deep into the trove of classic Halloween artifacts. Adorn your spooky flowers with sinister spider webs, and casually lean a witch’s broom against the display, introducing a sense of eerie folklore. Add hovering bats, seemingly frozen in mid-flight, and miniature white pumpkins lending a seasonal touch and nod to Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King. These elements transcend the ordinary, inviting whispers of age-old tales and bewitching evening legends.

This Halloween, give your haunted mansion a spooky makeover with fresh autumn arrangements from Mission Viejo Florist. From pumpkins and gourds to dried leaves and branches, Mother Nature has everything you need to create a hair-raising display.