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Mums: A Sweet Fall Accent

By Joni O'Neill on October 20, 2017 in Autumn, Flowers. 0 Comments

No stranger to the pots at your front door or the garden bed, mums are, come Fall, the go-to flower. This blooming plant is everywhere during the season, owing to its hardiness (frost-proof nature), preference for shorter days and availability. But we at Mission Viejo Florist love to see the ubiquitous bloom worked into stylish arrangements, acknowledged for its texture and spirited sensibility. So we're shining a light on everyone's favorite Fall flower and taking it from the front steps to the dining room table. Read More about Mums: A Sweet Fall Accent

Flowers to Celebrate National Sweetest Day

By Joni O'Neill on October 3, 2017 in Sweetest Day. 0 Comments

Just over 100 years ago in Cleveland OH, a group of candy company executives decided to start their own annual event. Dubbed "Sweetest Day", the inaugural celebration included these companies handing out candy and sweets to local orphans and shut-ins. Although their stated purpose was to let these people know that they were not forgotten members of society, critics say a more cynical motivation for the initiative - accusing the companies of trying to manufacture a new holiday that would benefit their pocketbooks. No matter what the original intent, Sweetest Day has survived down through the years as an opportunity to encourage and support those in our lives who may be struggling in one way or another. Although candy is still routinely given, any kind gesture is considered an appropriate way to celebrate the day. For floral designs and gifts sure to lift someone's spirits on October 21, stop by Mission Viejo Florist.  Read More about Flowers to Celebrate National Sweetest Day

Creative Floral Designs and Arrangements

By Joni O'Neill on September 26, 2017 in Autumn, Floral Design. 0 Comments

Autumn is one of our favorite times of year. Of course, we may not experience the cooler temperatures and changing foliage like other parts of the country - but still, there is just something about the anticipation of the coming holidays that gets our imaginations going. The traditional colors of fall are evident in our home decor and creative floral designs, and the experts at Mission Viejo Florist have definitely consulted the autumn muse when designing our fall collection. Here are just a few of the floral design elements which are uniquely and quintessentially fall. Read More about Creative Floral Designs and Arrangements

Boss’s Day Flowers & Plants for the Office

By Joni O'Neill on September 19, 2017 in Flowers, Plants. 0 Comments

In 1958, Patricia Bays Haroski filed her petition for National Boss's Day with the U.S. Department of Commerce. An employee at State Farm Insurance in Chicago, Haroski felt that bosses deserved recognition for their hard work and dedication. Of course, her father was her boss, which may have influenced her admiration. Still, four years later Illinois governor Otto Kerner signed the declaration to make the day official, on the proposed date of October 16 - which was the birthday of Haroski's father. The intention of National Boss's Day is to positively influence the relationships between employers and their employees. It is a day to let the good bosses know that they are admired and appreciated. Green and flowering plants are excellent gifts for corporate and business environments, and Mission Viejo Florist is your best local choice for these beautiful gifts. Read More about Boss’s Day Flowers & Plants for the Office

Autumn Florals & Centerpieces

By Joni O'Neill on September 11, 2017 in Autumn. 0 Comments

Poet William Cullen Bryant once wrote the words "autumn is the year's last, loveliest smile". He was probably inspired by fall colors and the few remaining days of seasonable temperatures before winter, just as many are today. Autumn florals add warmth and cozy ambiance to our homes, even if we may not experience the change in climate as drastically as those around the country. We still love the shift in seasonal vibe, the fiery colors, and the approach of some of our most beloved holidays. Mission Viejo Florist loves to celebrate the new season with bouquets and arrangements representative of this special time of year. Popular Autumn Florals: Anything in gold, orange, and red is perfect for fall centerpieces and arrangements, but mums, asters, sunflowers and fall roses are all especially popular.  Read More about Autumn Florals & Centerpieces

Welcoming Neighbors with Housewarming Flowers

By Joni O'Neill on September 4, 2017 in Flowers. 0 Comments

Moving into a new neighborhood can be a stressful time, but when everything calms down it can also be a lonely time. If someone you love has recently made a move, or if you have a new neighbor in the subdivision, you may wish to consider a gift to add a little warmth and beauty to their new place. Housewarming flowers from Mission Viejo Florist are a great way to congratulate the new homeowner.  Read More about Welcoming Neighbors with Housewarming Flowers

Perfect Flowers for the Homecoming Dance

By Joni O'Neill on August 31, 2017 in Prom & Homecoming. 0 Comments

Homecoming is a time of nostalgia, of old friends and new memories. Whether you are headed to the big game or the big dance, this weekend gives a wonderful opportunity to get together with alumni and students and celebrate your school! Mission Viejo Florist has all of the formal flowers you'll need for the homecoming dance - or any other event planned for this very special weekend.  Read More about Perfect Flowers for the Homecoming Dance

Sending Grandparents Day Flowers

By Joni O'Neill on August 25, 2017 in Grandparent's Day. 0 Comments

Grandparents Day is a special holiday with a dual purpose. The day was instituted by Congress in 1978, but the original idea for the observance came from Marian McQuade, a mother and grandmother. Her vision was to set aside time for grandparents to shares stories and history with the younger generations; and for the younger folks to have the opportunity not only to learn, but to learn to appreciate the legacy of their family. At Mission Viejo Florist, we are grateful for any opportunity to promote togetherness and family! If you are looking for florals to celebrate National Grandparents Day ,we have the bouquets and arrangements you'll need.  Read More about Sending Grandparents Day Flowers

Inspired by September Asters and Sapphires

By Joni O'Neill on August 14, 2017 in Birthdays. 0 Comments

Sending birthday flowers is always a meaningful way to commemorate someone special. Whether you choose a bouquet of their favorite flowers, or a lavish arrangement featuring their favorite color - there are many ways to celebrate your loved one. Here at Mission Viejo Florist, we create many gorgeous birthday designs for you to choose from - and each month, there are two inspirations we draw from. Every month has a birth flower and a birthstone - and this month, the aster and the sapphire are in the spotlight. Both give us many options to choose from during the month.  Read More about Inspired by September Asters and Sapphires

Floral Arrangements for Just Because Day

By Joni O'Neill on August 8, 2017 in Flowers. 0 Comments

On August 27, you have the perfect opportunity to set aside all your obligations and to do whatever you please. This is the spirit behind “Just Because Day”, a whimsical observance which was the brainchild of Joseph J. Goodwin from California. Goodwin created the holiday approximately 50 years ago, with the intent having a day to really enjoy life and family. He marked the first Just Because Day by giving his wife a transistor radio, and the tradition of spontaneous gifts "just because" not only caught on with his family, but with others who heard about the carefree custom. There are no rules to the day - simply follow your impulse. Sing in the shower, or sing on a street corner. Sleep all day, or go for a hike in the mountains. Or perhaps you can send some beautiful flowers to someone for no reason at all.  Read More about Floral Arrangements for Just Because Day