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Posted by Grace Bjornstad on March 7, 2017 | Last Updated: February 16, 2022 Community Events Flowers

Celebration Highlights Need for Puppy Adoption

puppy adoption

Almost 50% of U.S. households have dogs, which equates to about 80 million happy canines living with families. Still, on National Puppy Day, animal advocates look to highlight the issues facing dogs and puppies – namely irresponsible breeding, breeding for profit, overcrowded shelters, and far too many euthanizations. With only an estimated 10% of dogs labeled “behavior problems”, these puppies face uncertain fates through no fault of their own. This day is set aside to celebrate the love that puppies bring to our lives while bringing awareness and educating the public.

At Mission Viejo Florist, we recognize the unsung heroes, often volunteers, working to save the lives of these animals every day. puppy adoptionHere are some of the statistics that organizers of National Puppy Day would like you to know:

* Of the 4 million dogs and puppies surrendered to shelters annually, as many as 50% are euthanized for lack of space and resource.

*  Less than 10% of dogs are surrendered because they have behavioral issues. Most are well socialized and will do well with children and other pets.

* Unwanted litters are often left on the steps of the shelter. Spay or neuter your pet to avoid the birth of more puppies.

* Although puppies are rehomed more easily than older dogs, only 26% of new puppies are acquired from shelters.

puppy adoptionShelter and rescue puppies are known for being exceptionally loving animals who are filled with joy at having a forever home. Dedicated volunteers, foster pet parents, and professionals work heroically to save these animals from euthanasia as well as to place them in the perfect home. If you are a pet lover or have experienced puppy adoption in the past, thank your local shelter by sending a beautiful bouquet of flowers or a flowering plant. Don’t forget to include a photo and story of how your rescue dog is thriving – they love to hear about the success stories!

Mission Viejo Florist is here for all of life’s occasions – no matter what is important to you, we will help you to celebrate.