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Posted by Joni O'Neill on May 25, 2016 Flowers

Create a Tropical Oasis with Exotic Flowers

exotic flowersSummer is here and we love nothing better than sitting outside and enjoying the balmy air and sunny skies. And although Southern California isn’t a tropical climate, tropical flowers are the blooms of choice during these months because they embody the carefree, idyllic days of the season.

Although tropical regions share some characteristics – most notably seasons of hot, humid weather – they can also be quite diverse. Throughout the world’s tropical and sub-tropical geographic areas, a wide variety of beautiful flowers are cultivated and grown. At our florist, we offer many of these exotic plants so that you can create dramatic home décor that will make you feel as if you are relaxing on a remote island.

exotic flowersThe bird of paradise is one of the most popular choices when creating a tropical arrangement. It’s vivid orange color and bold geometric shape make an impressive statement. The red, waxy petals of the anthurium plant is another flower often selected to represent the tropics, both for standalone arrangements and as part of an exotic display.

exotic flowers exotic flowers

Perhaps one of the most prolific tropical flowers is the well loved and desired orchid. Although there are thousand of varieties, the purple dendrobium orchid is most commonly requested. They are often seen against a backdrop of red and orange blossoms, its delicate shape complementing the stark shapes of the other flowers. Orchids – as well as plumeria – are used to create floral wreaths and leis in Hawaii, so are closely associated with that tropical region.

California may not be tropical, but it is beautiful.  Make your sunny deck, patio or sun room even more alluring with tropical plants and flowers.  One of the designers here at Mission Viejo Florist would be happy to help you take your imagination to paradise!