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Posted by Grace Bjornstad on June 10, 2024 Valentine's Day

Color Their World: A Guide to Sending the Perfect Floral Message to Family

When words fall short, let blooms bridge the gap! Say “thanks for everything” to your parents on Mother’s and Father’s Day, celebrate your grandpa and grandma on Grandparent’s Day, spread some sibling love, or remind your chosen family love they’re irreplaceable gems, all with the perfect flowers. (And a sweet, nontoxic petal surprise for the pets? Absolutely!) At Mission Viejo Florist, the best flower shop in Orange County, we’re sharing the ultimate guide to choosing fresh, symbolic, and colorful flowers for your whole fam!

Pink Petals for Moms & Grandmoms

Like the ultimate hug from your momma or nana, pink flowers symbolize all the warm fuzzies—warmth, love, and a big old scoop of gratitude. Roses are perfect for telling the legendary matriarchs in your life just how much you admire and appreciate them, and peonies ooze good vibes and good fortune. Or turn to carnations —because nothing says “you’re the best” like the flower that actually symbolizes motherly love. Let’s make their Mother’s Day, Grandparents’ Day, or any day as meaningful as their endless life advice!

Purple Blooms for Dads & Granddads

Make this Father’s Day a regal affair with purple flowers that shout (or rather, elegantly state) respect and admiration. For all the dads and granddads who’ve been your personal heroes, purple orchids, lilacs, or irises are the way to go. Each bloom carries a sense of majesty and dignity—a reflection of the amazing men they are. It’s the perfect way to sprinkle a little noble flair around their throne, whether it’s their La-Z-Boy or office chair!

Green & Blue Flowers for Brothers & Honorary Bros

When it’s time to give mad props to your brothers and honorary bros, reach for the green and blue blooms that echo their calm, cool vibes, dependability, and loyalty. Choose blue hydrangeas for a hint of peace and vibrant green chrysanthemums to pay homage to their optimism and friendship. And for a twist? Blue thistle! It’s your way of saying, “Thanks for being the best brother and always having my back.”

Peach Stems for Sisters & Honorary Sis

If peach flowers could text, they’d send all the heart emojis and exclamation points! They’re perfect for your sister or girl friend who’s basically family—warm, joyful, nurturing, and oh-so-trendy (hello, 2024 Pantone Color of the Year!). Gift your sis a bunch of ranunculus, alstroemeria, or tulips, and let those peachy petals spread all the love.

Orange & White Flowers for Your Furry Fam

Throw a floral party for your pets with orange and white flowers, representing all the wonderful traits of your fur babies—excitement, innocence, joy, and purity. It’s crucial to pick non-toxic flowers, so lean towards the sunny vibes of gerbera daisies and the elegance of white snapdragons. This combo looks gorgeous and reflects the joy and love that your furry family adds to your life every day.

Whether it’s saying “you’re my fave” or simply brightening someone’s day, flowers from Mission Viejo Florist will make sure your message is felt loud and clear—and always with a touch of flair!

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