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Posted by Grace Bjornstad on January 21, 2018 | Last Updated: February 16, 2022 Floral Design Flowers

Add A Dash Of Pantone’s Purple To Your Winter Palette

We here at Mission Viejo Florist are fully embracing Pantone’s pick for Color of the Year 2018, Ultra Violet. The color experts made their announcement after the usual annual meeting with palette professionals from around the world, all of them weighing in on what color might best capture the spirit of the times. They concluded that this rich, intriguing shade was it.

Which is great for us, because we’ve been working with purple for forever. And we like to see it in floral designs because it always adds a touch of mystery and complexity.

Since we’ll all be seeing a lot more purple introduced into decor over the next year (the influence of Pantone’s color cannot be understated), let’s get acquainted now. Don’t run out and paint an accent wall or buy up all the throw pillows; instead, start off with flowers (or even a flowering plant, like an orchid) that introduces purple into your home. Our Cosmopolitan  is a good example of what we mean. When the mother in your life deserves it all! These orchids, hydrangeas and alstroemeria will make her feel appreciated and loved

One ruffled bunch of purple hydrangea is all you need to add dimension to an otherwise lighthearted, tropically-spirited mix. Purple is divine here, especially alongside that chartreuse. Look for modern arrangements that use this unorthodox color in interesting ways. A balance with other flowers that coax out its dimension is also key. You always want to show off stunning purple in its best light.