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Posted by Grace Bjornstad on January 27, 2021 | Last Updated: January 27, 2023 Flowers Love and Romance Roses Valentine's Day Valentine's Day


Although Valentine’s Day might look a little different this year, it’s still about showing love and feeling the love. Even while you’re at home, Cupid’s arrow will still find you and your sweetheart. No matter how you choose to celebrate, check out our guide for a special day filled with love. Your friends at Mission Viejo Florist, the best flower shop in Orange County, know a few things about romance. 

Seven Special Valentine’s Day Activities

Delight her senses when you send this fragrant bouquet of roses, lilies and eucalyptus in a wire wrapped decorative vase!

Send Beautiful Blooms

If various colored roses are symbols of gratitude, passion, friendship, and of course romance, then why not share a little floral love with special people close to your heart? Arrange surprise deliveries for those who could use an extra pick-me-up this year, including yourself. Some bright fresh flowers, like our “Fairytale Fragrance,” are sure to do the trick.

Couple cooking in the kitchen

Cook a Favorite Dinner

If it’s important that you still wine and dine your Valentine from home, turn it into a fun day together. Before the romantic candles burn between your dinner plates, enjoy a stress-free day side by side in the kitchen while you sip some wine. From the first chop of the ingredients to the last bite of dessert, you’ll have made countless memories during the best at-home date ever. 

Couple on a romantic date with wine, candles, and grapes

Set a Romantic Picnic Inside

Don’t let your romantic day in the kitchen finish at the dinner table like a normal day. Spice it up and keep the romance alive with a cozy picnic in the living room. Create a sweet ambiance with the best mood music, candles, dim lighting, fluffy blankets, and don’t forget the perfect roses

Pink arts and craft supplies

Deliver Handmade Gifts

Spread the love with homemade gifts this year. If you love getting lost in creative projects, like arts and crafts then you’ll love making handmade masterpieces to share. Coordinate a time to drop off unique Valentine souvenirs to local nursing homes, hospitals, or other neighborhood organizations. It’s the perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day solo and share some joy. 

Game Night Letter Board

Bring Out Your Board Games

Did you have a favorite thing to do as a kid when you were stuck inside? A popular hobby could have been relaxing on the floor with friends or siblings and playing board games. Do you remember “Battleship,” “Sorry,” or “The Game of Life?” Take your Valentine back in time as you break out the board games. It’ll be a fun surprise to act like kids together, with minimal care in the world.

Couple walking in the snow holding hands

Go For a Sweet Stroll

Take your honey by the hand and insist that your phones stay inside as you guide them on a romantic walk. Stroll around your neighborhood and look at the houses, or find a beautiful nature spot and enjoy the peacefulness. You’ll love getting some sweet fresh air, and maybe you’ll catch a remarkable sunset. 

Bucket list on white paper with red pencil

Write a Couple’s Bucket List

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to get swept away into a romantic daydream with your beau. Start planning your future together, but we don’t mean kids or marriage. Create a unique bucket list full of adventures, vacations, wonders of the world, or simple goals you hope to achieve together. It’s a perfect cozy at-home date idea to inspire a bright and loving tomorrow. 

By staying home this year, you can enjoy as much food, wine, and dessert as you want for as long as you like. There’s no need to give up your table for the next reservation. Whether you’re celebrating alone or with your sweetie, make sure the mood is set just right. Don’t forget the flowers from Mission Viejo Florist to fill your air with love. Happy Valentine’s Day!