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Posted by Grace Bjornstad on January 9, 2020 | Last Updated: February 16, 2022 Flowers Valentine's Day

Plan a Perfect Valentine’s Day – Order Flowers Early

Teddy bears are bursting from the shelves, candy can be found in heart-shaped boxes, and there’s a significant note of romance in the air. All this can only mean that Valentine’s Day is almost here! Our flower experts at Mission Viejo Florist are here to remind all of Orange County that pulling off the perfect Valentine’s Day requires planning in advance. This year, get an early start on your arrangements so that you’re able to enjoy a perfect day of romance with your sweetheart. 


romantic arrangement of deep red roses accented with pink and red tulips, complete with a pink satin ribbon.

P.S. I love you

More Reasons Why You Should Order Flowers Early for Valentine’s Day


1. Avoid the Stress

The last way you want to spend Valentine’s Day is in a mad rush to put together some semblance of a romantic plan. Don’t even think about fighting the crowds to purchase a bouquet and attempt to make dinner reservations at a suitable restaurant. Planning your Valentine’s Day ahead of time will ensure you can spend the most romantic day of the year, relaxed and enjoying the company of your significant other.

2. Get Your First Choice

Millions of bouquets are delivered each year on Valentine’s Day. With flowers in such high demand, the most popular designs and colors sell out fast. To make sure you’re able to get your first pick of floral designs, beat the rush and order early.


Pink Sweet Unique roses and pink rosebuds make this a feminine, simple, and thoughtful gift for a special person!

To My Sweetheart Bouquet

3. Great Delivery Options

V Day is not only the busiest time of the year for florists, but it’s also the busiest time for floral delivery drivers. With so many bouquets flying out our doors, delivery schedules for Valentine’s Day and the days leading up to the holiday fill up quick. Ensure you’re able to schedule a delivery time that works for you and your recipient by putting your order in early.

4. Start the Romance Early

This year, the 14th falls on a Friday, which makes it the perfect opportunity to celebrate a whole week of romance and use the extra days to build up the romance, excitement, and anticipation of Valentine’s Day. Deliver your flowers on Monday to make your sweetheart feel extra-special, being one of the first to receive flowers.

5. Full Bloom for February 14th

Floral bouquets are delivered at their freshest, which means most of the flowers will still be just budding. If you have your flowers delivered about five days early, they should be in full bloom and at their most lovely by the time Valentine’s Day arrives.


Stargazers and Roses

Starry Eyed Valentine

How to Choose the Perfect Flowers for a Romantic Valentine’s Day

Of course, bouquets in shades of red, pink, and purple and long-stemmed roses always make wonderful seasonal choices for celebrating Valentine’s Day but choosing a design that features your love’s favorite flowers or color can also be an incredibly romantic and thoughtful gesture. When in doubt, ask one of our florists for a personalized recommendation or advice on which flowers from our suppliers are currently at their freshest and most beautiful in our area.

Whether you order online, in-person, or over the phone, our experts at Mission Viejo Florist are here to help you choose the perfect bouquet for celebrating your love this Valentine’s Day.