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Posted by Grace Bjornstad on January 21, 2016 | Last Updated: February 16, 2022 Flowers Valentine's Day

Mission Viejo Florist – Valentine’s Day Flowers

valentine's day flowersValentine’s Day is historically a bit of a hybrid between an ancient Roman fertility festival and a Christian tradition; blended over the years to result in the holiday we know today. Although is believed that expressions of love have officially been exchanged on a specific day since the Middle Ages, the practice didn’t become a tradition in the U.S. until Esther A. Howland began designing and marketing the first mass-produced valentines. Created with lace, ribbons, and “photo scraps”, these cards were the ancestors to the estimated 1 billion Valentine’s Day cards now exchanged annually on Valentine’s Day.

https://www.missionviejoflorist.com/roses/ Of all the millions of bouquets that will be ordered and delivered, more than half will include roses; red roses, the most passionate variety, are by far the most popular. Red roses convey eternal love; ideal for engaged and married couples alike. The more stems included, it is said, the more serious the commitment. If you’d like to send a gift that epitomizes all that is Valentine’s Day, add a teddy bear, chocolates, and a sentimenvalentine's day flowerstal balloon – all of the most popular Valentine’s Day treats in one delivery!


With all the gifts, cards, and flowers changing hands-on Valentine’s Day, you might get lost in the crowd. But here at Mission Viejo, we’d like to help you stand out and make the impression you desire.

With February 14th falling on a Sunday this year, we suggest ordering early and having your flowers delivered on Friday; you’ll get their attention, as the flowers will be a complete surprise. It is even better if your loved one can receive the flowers at a place of business. We all love receiving gifts at work, and a bouquet of roses on a Friday is a public declaration to everyone in the office that you simply could not wait to shower her with devotion – and you wanted everyone to know it!

There are so many beautiful Valentine’s selections from Mission Viejo Florists, we can’t write about them all here – but we do invite you to continue to explore the website, or to stop in and speak to one of our professional florists. This Valentine’s Day make sure you shop early and reserve the best florals and gifts for your loved ones – from roses to chocolates, Mission Viejo is your one-stop Valentine’s flower shop.