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Posted by Grace Bjornstad on June 28, 2016 | Last Updated: February 16, 2022 Summer

Send the Perfect July Birthday Flowers

july birthdayEach year, we are allotted one day that we are allowed to be completely spoiled. There is no better time to make someone feel cherished and loved than on his or her birthday. One of the most time-honored and popular gifts to give are flower arrangements, as has been the case since ancient times. The timeless nature of floral bouquets represent sentiments like love, beauty, elegance and whimsy in a way not many gifts can – and this month, July birthday celebrants take their turn to enjoy all the love.

Each month in the calendar year has been granted an official birthstone, a tradition which spans cultures and centuries. Birthstones have specific meanings and are thought to endow those who wear them with special attributes. In July, the vibrant red ruby takes center stage as official gemstones. As these jewels are one of the most sought after and valuable stones, giving the gift of rubies may be a bit challenging. But here at Mission Viejo Florist, our floral designers have been greatly inspired by this elegant gemstone and have created a variety of red rose bouquets which will convey the same luxurious decadence.

july birthday july birthday

Rubies are thought to convey feelings of passion and wisdom, as well as to mystically provide protection and safety to those who were lucky enough to own one of these rare gems. Because they rarely occur in nature in the deep iconic red that they are famous for, a true ruby is a treasure indeed; and is known as “the King’s Stone.” Is there someone in your life who is just that precious and rare? Honor them with a ruby red display of gorgeous flowers. Our designers at Mission Viejo specialize in taking inspiration – in this case, from the ruby – to create a floral representation perfect for the occasion.

Tell your loved ones celebrating July birthdays that they are unique and treasured. Call or pop into Mission Viejo Florist and let us create a personalized custom bouquet just for them.