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Posted by Grace Bjornstad on April 27, 2016 | Last Updated: February 16, 2022 Birthdays

May Birthdays- Choosing Green Flowers

may birthdaysThere may be no more perfect gemstone to represent May birthdays than the emerald. The coveted green stone represents rebirth, vitality, youthfulness, and rejuvenation, all relevant spring and birthday themes! This verdant birthstone of May is most popular in its deep emerald color; but the stone itself can occur in nature in varying hues, from yellow green to blue green.

Although the birthstone of May is often given as a gift, you may not find it feasible to purchase one for your loved ones. Never fear, the designers at Mission Viejo Florist have the answer this May.  Let us create a beautiful emerald green bouquet to send your birthday wish! Although the color green is most often associated with the leaves or stems of a plant, you may be surprised to see how many flowers come in a green variety. One of the most beautiful and exotic is the green cymbidium orchid, a delicate and elegant bloom that makes for a spectacular arrangement. Green hydrangea and green spider mums are both lovely additions, both for their rich color and their interesting shapes. Roses, lilies, and carnations also have green varieties that are soothing and serene.

may birthdays

Of course, there are hundreds of truly green choices to consider as well – green plants, potted trees, succulent gardens, and terrariums are all long-lasting and thoughtful gifts that showcase the rich green of the May birthstone. These gifts will remain long after the birthday has passed, and will be constant reminders of the love you shared on their special day.

Everyone will be green with envy with your gift of a flowering plant or floral arrangement.  Whether a May birthday or any other special occasion, green flowers make a striking statement!