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Posted by Grace Bjornstad on November 17, 2017 | Last Updated: February 16, 2022 Christmas Christmas Flowers & Decorations Holidays

Holiday Office Decor That Dazzles

We’re all familiar with the standard scheme for holiday office decor. Poinsettias poised around the doorway, evergreen wreaths hanging out front. And if we’re lucky, a full-on Christmas tree we decorate year after year, set up well before the holiday office party.

At Mission Viejo Florist, we embrace every effort to bring some seasonal cheer to the workplace (or any place, for that matter). And there’s something wonderful about the classic floral decor we return to again and again to brighten up where we work and – let’s face it – spend much of our time. But we also love introducing a fresh take on decorating the office for the holidays.

What you put up front and center in the workplace says a lot about the kind of environment you’re in. It also tells customers or clients what to expect. Point-of-entry front desks or stations are prime spots for a beautiful seasonal display that sets the tone throughout the office. For that spot, we love our Orchids & Berries design. This sleek, unfussy design of white orchids and simple red berries is an elegant counterpoint to the more traditional decor your team has put up elsewhere.

Tied off with a classic red bow, an arrangement like this feels fresh and seasonal but also light. It’s something that everyone will enjoy looking at day after day, acting as a kind of gift to the entire office.

This year, as you’re decking your workplace halls, don’t forget to select at least one statement piece that’s unique to this year’s scheme. Mission Viejo Florist would love to play Santa and deliver one to you.