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Posted by Grace Bjornstad on June 17, 2016 | Last Updated: February 16, 2022 Summer

Bouquets of Summer Flowers

summer flowersThere is no denying it; summer has its own vibe and ambiance. Summer is a bit more laid back, a bit more relaxed. We look forward to long lazy days and vacations with the family. And one of the most cherished pastimes of summer is long evenings on the back deck with those we love. If you are looking for ways to create an atmosphere that exudes that summer vibe, look no further than Mission Viejo Florist.

summer flowersThe expert floral designers at our shop are dedicated to creating arrangements that bring the season’s beauty to your home and get-togethers. Consider the iconic floral ambassador of summer, the sunflower. With their cheerful color and sunny disposition, sunflowers make the perfect centerpiece for any picnic or cocktail party. By adding solidago and lily grass, the bouquet becomes more lush and green, reminiscent of the variety and compilation of nature herself. Why have a boring table, when you can bring it to life with this simple yet vivid bouquet?

summer flowersIn this season, palettes gravitate towards the bold, the vibrant and the daring. If you love color – and who doesn’t? – Then this summer floral arrangement is sure to please. Roses and dahlias in hot tones join the sunflower in providing the fire; while delicate orchids provide just the right touch to cool things down. Summer is never boring, and this dramatic arrangement represents all the fun we have come to expect. Don’t forget – not only will this look great at your place, but if you are the guest at the barbecue, your hostess will love receiving this display that celebrates summer.

If you envision a summertime filled with fun and beauty, come into Mission Viejo Florist and tell us your ideas and budget. We are dedicated to working with you to create the perfect floral accents that will make any gathering this season a memorable event.