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Posted by Grace Bjornstad on February 8, 2016 | Last Updated: February 16, 2022 Flowers Valentine's Day

Mission Viejo Florist- Valentine’s Day for Everyone

valentine's dayWhile roses are easily the most traditional flowers of Valentine’s Day, did you know that the color of rose that you choose has a huge impact on the message, and therefore the recipient? For instance, the long-stemmed red rose is symbolic of passionate and romantic love; so although perfect for your spouse on Valentine’s Day, it may raise some eyebrows if you send them to your boss.


Because Valentine’s Day is a perfect day to tell everyone in your life that you love and appreciate them, choosing the appropriate color of rose is a great way to convey all of the different sentiments we share.


Pink Roses are symbolic of sweet affection; while dark pink roses symbolize deep gratitude. Therefore bouquets of these light pink blooms are wonderful to send to your daughter; mix in some richer pinks for your mother. In fact, anyone who has positively impacted your life would be thrilled to be remembered in such a beautiful way.


Yellow Roses convey the happiness and camaraderie that only happens among best friends. These sunny flowers are a classic way to tell your friends that you couldn’t imagine doing a lie without them!


Orange Roses are a little bit daring, and a little bit risky. These colorful and unique roses tell the recipient that they have caught your eye, that you admire them from a distance. Romantic or simply curious, the orange rose implies that you would like a chance to get to know them better.


Sending a mixed bouquet of roses is ideal for those people in your life, regardless of relationship, who are just amazing people. They embody everything that is good in life, and this bouquet is a celebration of them!



This Valentine’s Day, be sure to remember everyone who holds your heart – sisters, daughters, best friends, or your favorite neighbor! Think about who makes you smile, and return the favor. Mission Viejo Florist is preparing for the big day, so don’t wait! Order today, and rest assured that your loved ones will know exactly how special they are to you.