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Posted by Grace Bjornstad on March 2, 2016 | Last Updated: February 16, 2022 Flowers

Mission Viejo Florist – International Women’s Day

women's dayA century ago in a Soviet bloc nation, a group of women gathered to protest the inequality they faced and the lack of opportunity afforded them as a class. In 1977, many decades later, their movement became a United Nation-sanctioned holiday, celebrated annually on March 8th in nations around the world.



Although in many countries great strides have been made in advancing the interests of women, there are still many nations accused of human rights violations and unfair conditions for women and girls. With the involvement of the UN, the activities become more cohesive. Each year a theme is chosen to sharpen focus on one issue; past topics have included Women Uniting for Peace, Women Managing Conflicts and Ending Violence Against Women. Now that the world is much more connected through the Internet and social media, the campaigns are increasingly visible and integrated. In 2016, the hashtag #PledgeforParity has been selected, and women and their advocates around the world are urged to post on social media regarding events and gatherings.

women's day


America has a long history that includes women who have made a great impact. From politics to business, philanthropy to medicine – not to mention mothers and mentors – women in the United States have always been highly influential in all aspects of society. And although the women in your life may not be in the news headlines or destined for the history books, they no doubt have made countless positive contributions in the Mission Viejo community and beyond. On March 8th, celebrate International Women’s Day by sending your trendsetting, innovative, courageous women a meaningful arrangement that will show them the respect they deserve. We are grateful that we live in a nation that values the involvement of women; and stand in solidarity with women around the world still fighting for gender equality.