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Posted by Grace Bjornstad on March 14, 2016 | Last Updated: February 16, 2022 Easter

Mission Viejo Florist – Easter Flowers

easter flowersAlthough we do not experience the change of seasons as dramatically as other parts of the country, the advent of spring and the anticipation of Easter still bring feeling of newness and fresh hope. This year Easter occurs only six days beyond the vernal equinox – otherwise known as the first day of spring – so we can expect flowers to be everywhere. Floral bouquets are a popular and beautiful gift this time of year. Cheerful daffodils, pastel tulips, vivid forsythia and regal irises add color to our homes and lives. These arrangements are also ideal to create gorgeous centerpieces for the holiday table, and are sure to impress friends and family.

easter flowersThe white lily evokes a meaningful sentiment in faith-based Easter services, and is the flower that adorns most altars and churches throughout Mission Viejo and across the country. The lily, also known as the Easter Lily, signifies purity of spirit, innocence and hope – all poignant themes in the Easter story. Christian legend relates that these lilies originated on the first Easter Sunday, when the flower grew in celebration of the resurrection of Christ. To this day, the lily is recognized as the traditional flower of the Christian Easter holiday.

easter flowersFlowers are one of the most enduring emblems of the spring season, and of course, flowers are the passion of the experts at Mission Viejo Florists. Call us to help you design a stunning spring arrangement that will provide the ambiance for your holiday dinner; a fresh cut bouquet of stems to brighten the day of your best friend; or even an elegant and professional arrangement for your office. Whatever the occasion. Mission Viejo Florist is your source for spring flowers.