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Posted by Grace Bjornstad on February 19, 2018 | Last Updated: February 16, 2022 Flower Gifts Flowers

Making Meaning Through Flowers

There are plenty of occasions in which to offer flowers, and many of them are holidays. Of course we love them all, but some of the best we’ve seen have nothing to do with an actual event or holiday, they have to do with a personally meaningful occasion between the giver and the one who receives the gift. In fact, here at Mission Viejo Florist, these are some of our favorite flower exchanges because they are unique. We love to see what people do for these personal events.

One of the great things about offering flowers that matter to someone special in your life for a moment that is personally meaningful between the two of you is that you get to pick whatever design resonates. In fact, you’re essentially creating that moment, so you are also creating the memory associated with it.

A compact arrangement of pinks and purples. Perfect for her desk and smells divine!

Give something beautiful and resonant, something that will be sure to last in the mind and heart of the recipient. While we can agree that most flower designs resonate, some do that more than others. Color, texture and combination of flowers used is always key in having the intended effect, so it makes sense to think through what that desired effect is. Then to give it with both hands to the person you love.