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Posted by Grace Bjornstad on April 9, 2024 Father's Day Holidays

Upgrade His Father’s Day: Uncommon Gifts for Uncommon Dads

As Father’s Day approaches, it’s time to embark on a quest beyond the ordinary, celebrating the legendary figures who’ve played such pivotal roles in our lives — dads, grandads, stepdads, uncles, and all fatherly figures who’ve been the silent guardians and watchful protectors. Looking to dodge the typical “best dad ever” trinkets this year? Your search ends here. At Mission Viejo Florist, the top flower shop in Orange County, we’re shattering the mold of conventional Father’s Day surprises. From lush green plants to bespoke floral arrangements that reflect his unique passions, these gifts are designed to convey a saga of admiration and gratitude.

Plants For the Plant Dad (Of Course!)

Does your dad’s home look like it could double as a botanical garden, filled to the brim with all kinds of plants? If you find him hosting mini celebrations for his plants’ growth sprees, then cheers — you’ve definitely got a Plant Dad! Support his hobby and contribute to his lush collection this Father’s Day with some unique, statement foliage, because you know he’s always up for adopting another leafy friend. Whether it’s the exotic charm of a serene orchid or the easy-going vibe of modern succulents, your green gift is bound to be a hit.

Something Sweet For the Fishing Dad

Have you seen your dad lately? Oh, there he is! Of course he’s enjoying his favorite dock, lake shimmering as the day breaks — wow… pure bliss. But let’s face it, his tackle box is already top-notch, and honesty, overflowing. Time to cast a line into the sea of unique gifting! We’re sure he would enjoy some tasty treats as he waits to reel in his next epic catch. And when he brings that catch home, that scent of victory? Perhaps a lovely hand-poured candle is just the thing he needs!

Gourmet Gifts for The Grill Dad

Your dad never needs a holiday or special occasion to invite friends and family over for a BBQ, after all, he’s a grill master! This Father’s Day, help his stock up on a season’s worth of flavor in one gift basket. We’re talking sauces and rubs that pack a punch and, of course, his beverage of choice. It’s the perfect recipe for a BBQ hero ready to dominate the summer.

Epic Stems For the Video Game Dad

This Father’s Day, celebrate the virtual battles fought and the levels conquered, with a bouquet that brings those shared gaming moments to life. Team up with your florist (wink, wink) to capture the spirit of your dad’s favorite game — from the strategic depths of Star Wars to the competitive fervor of FIFA. It’s a colorful and fresh homage to the digital worlds you’ve explored together, with each bloom a reminder of every mission accomplished and each petal a memory of every goal scored.

Quality Time For the Honorary Dad

For the dad that’s here by choice, rooting for you, supporting you, guiding you, and laughing with you, he’s truly a hero. This Father’s Day, surprise him with something spectacular and totally unexpected — a DIY flower arranging class. Dive into an iconic day of flower-filled fun, unleash your creative side, and say “thanks” to the coolest support squad leader (aka Dad). Stack up inside jokes, craft some seriously Insta-worthy flower arrangements, and make new memories that you’ll look back on for many years to come.

Redefine gifting with Mission Viejo Florist this Father’s Day, with surprises that are as original and wonderful as his epic stories.

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