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Posted by Grace Bjornstad on May 16, 2016 | Last Updated: February 16, 2022 Graduation

Graduation Flowers from Mission Viejo Florist

graduation flowersSpring is an iconic time of new beginnings. This makes it a very appropriate season to observe graduation ceremonies; because although most see them as the end of an era, in reality, these ceremonies signal a rite of passage and a wide open future with new opportunities. With nearly 6 million people getting ready to take this big step, the excitement is in the air, and the anticipation is growing. There are many traditions inherent in a commencement ceremony; they originate from sources as diverse as medieval education to the usage of a British military march – Pomp and Circumstance – as the prolific processional.

graduation flowersThe traditional caps and gowns worn at graduation originated in the Middle Ages when the only place to be educated was the church, and liturgical robes were the garb of the day. The cap is reminiscent of the biretta, a Roman Catholic hat worn by the monks. At colleges and universities, the tassel on the cap is the color that signifies the graduate’s field of study; the robes are traditionally decorated with the same color. Even the type of robe is symbolic, with different styles of robe depicting the level of degree and accomplishment.

Customarily, wreaths of flowers have been given to the victors in sports and politics; and crowns of leaves are often associated with success as well. Your loved ones who are graduating have worked many hours to reach the commencement stage, so make sure that their efforts do not go without recognition! Mission Viejo Florists have the flowers that will convey admiration, pride, and respect to the graduating students, such as purple iris, orange and yellow roses, gladioli, magnolia and forsythia. Each of these flowers has a special meaning that conveys appropriate good wishes. Call us today to design a bouquet that will keep them at the top of their class.