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Posted by Grace Bjornstad on February 19, 2024 Community Events Floral Design Flower Gifts Flowers

Spotlight on Support: Who Really Deserves Fresh Stems on Women’s Day?

Embracing the power of flowers on International Women’s Day (which is coming up on March 8th!) is a must-do. It’s a timeless way to say “thank you” or “you’re amazing” to those who inspire you to end your hurkle-durkle and go out there to live your best life. Mimosa flowers are the iconic symbol of IWD, known for their connection to women’s empowerment, sensibility, and strength — and they’re the official flower for the day. But we can’t forget to shout out favorite spring blooms like peonies, tulips, and gerbera daisies – which are as fitting and meaningful, especially if they’re sporting green, purple, or white petals. Once you’ve found the best collection of stems at Mission Viejo Florist, the top flower shop in Orange County, it’s time to decide who the lucky recipient will be. That’s when you consult the list below to pinpoint who your own personal IWD heroines are!

Female Family Members

Your grandmas, moms, aunts, and sisters might be your ride-or-dies who’ve had your back since day one, shaping you into the amazing human you are today. These ladies are seriously superheroes, tackling careers, caregiving, and making holidays and birthdays truly magical. So, on IWD, send some floral love their way! It’s like giving a virtual hug while honoring their daily strength and amazingness. Even if you’re miles apart, sending fresh flowers is a beautiful way to keep the family vibes strong.

Your Biggest Supporters

In addition to the absolutely incredible women in your life, IWD is also a prime opportunity for acknowledging those friends and allies who have been by your side through thick and thin. They’re the ones you might call your personal hype squad, always rooting for you and pushing you to chase your dreams! Gender? It doesn’t matter — they’re all in for the cause. Allies who stand up for the women they love are game-changers in the fight for equality. So, of course, you should send them a big, blooming “thank you” and show some love!

Mentors and Teachers

You’ll surely remember that one mentor or teacher who was a guiding star in your educational journey! They were the ones who made learning an exciting odyssey, whether it was unraveling mathematical enigmas or immersing in the world of literature, or maybe they just gave out really good candy. They probably also imparted some critical advice or opened your eyes to new passions and career paths. Whatever the reason, their lessons have certainly stayed with you past their final exam. Sending them a surprise bouquet of fresh flowers on IWD is a beautiful way to thank them for all the knowledge and empowerment they’ve passed on, celebrating their huge part in helping you spread your wings and break through barriers.

Inspiring Co-Workers

When you find yourself actually excited to head to work (Sunday scares? You don’t know her!), you know you’ve got something special. You don’t have just any colleagues; you’ve got cool colleagues. They’re a positive force, the hustle behind the hustle, and your secret weapon for surviving those “this definitely could’ve been an email” meetings. Whether they’re your grammar goddess go-to or your coffee break cohort, when IWD rolls around, it’s your moment to throw a little confetti their way (figuratively, or hey, literally works too). Here’s to celebrating the extraordinary women and allies who transform your 9-5 from a daily slog into something fun and meaningful.


Why spoil yourself with flowers on IWD? Because they bring all the good vibes, because you’re embracing self-love, and because you deserve nothing less! You’ve got countless reasons to celebrate YOU, and sending a stunning bouquet your way is the best power move we could think of. It’s a declaration of independence, a proclamation that says, “I’m living my best life and totally killing it!” Make sending yourself flowers your new IWD tradition and enjoy your favorite fresh stems unapologetically.

Whoever made your list this IWD, from your idol to your ally, Mission Viejo is here to ensure your message of appreciation and sisterhood really shines through.

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