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Posted by Grace Bjornstad on September 10, 2018 | Last Updated: February 16, 2022 Plants

September’s Self Care Plants

Sometimes the idea of self-care starts outside of ourselves. Adding new decor or living plants to our surroundings can inspire another healthy act, like eating well or exercising. When we bring healthy plants into our lives, we not only find ourselves breathing a little easier, we can also become more in tune with our natural interests and passions. The floral experts at Mission Viejo Florist understand the importance of including a living plant in your daily space.

A gorgeous display of texture, color and foliage is our Cylindrical Cymbidiums. Lime green Cymbidium orchids are accompanied by loops of greenery and tall curly willow in a clear glass cylindrical vase. This eye-catching piece will inspire and refresh you and bring healing essence to your space.

A memorable statement that won't soon be forgotten!

Try bringing a gorgeous plant into your office or home and see what kinds of benefits you’ll reap. Fresh air, positive attitudes, and a warm, inviting atmosphere are just the beginning of the ways you’ll improve your life by simply adding a new plant to it. The designers at Mission Viejo Florist have an abundance of choices ready for you to peruse. Talk to us about your favorite plants and how to incorporate them into your living space and let us deliver them right to you.