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Posted by Grace Bjornstad on January 11, 2016 | Last Updated: February 16, 2022 Flowers

Send Carnations for January Birthdays

carnationsThe carnation holds a place of honor in several ways. It is the official flower of January, the official flower of first anniversaries, and (pink) carnations are the official flower of Mother’s Day. Those are some pretty impressive accolades for a flower often thought to be a bit plain.



In honor of the versatile carnation, we have assembled some interesting facts you may not know about the familiar carnation.



  • Carnations are actually good enough to eat, although you may not want to. While edible, the flowers have a bitter taste that are likely not to please many palettes.



  • By adding food coloring to a glass of water and placing a cut carnation in it, you can change the color of the flower’s petals.


  • The carnation capital of the world is Bogota, Columbia; the city produces more carnations than any other place on the globe, followed by Israel, Kenya and Spain. California and Colorado also make the list of carnation growers.


  • Ohio has named the scarlet carnation as their state flower, in honor of President William McKinley. Legend says that before his assassination in 1901, McKinley often wore a scarlet carnation on his lapel.


  • In another presidential association, Mamie Eisenhower was sent carnations by the Colorado Flower Growers Association every single year that she lived in the White House.


  • In France, carnations have been used as an ingredient in skin lotions, hair care and muscle relaxants.



For a loved one celebrating a January birthday, or a new baby born this month – carnations are an ideal choice for a celebratory bouquet. Mission Viejo Florist has the floral arrangements you need for all the occasions in your life. Stop by our flower shop today to order your January carnations!