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Posted by Grace Bjornstad on January 28, 2016 | Last Updated: February 16, 2022 Flowers Holidays Valentine's Day

Give Meaningful Flowers This Valentine’s Day

flower meaningsThis Valentine’s Day, don’t just give flowers because it’s expected of you. Instead, give flowers that have true meaning, so the recipient can know exactly how much you care. Here are some popular Valentine’s Day flowers and the meanings commonly attached to them.


Roses Are Red


Roses are red, and a number of other colors as well, but roses are by far the most popular cut flower to give, especially around Valentine’s Day. The red rose, so perfectly captured in The Romantic, states passionate romantic love. There’s really no better way to say “I love you!”


Yet that’s just one meaning of the popular flower. If you choose pink roses you are showing the admiration or expressing appreciation. Yellow is considered the roses of friendship or joy and is great to celebrate a new beginning. The popular lavender rose expresses love at first sight or feelings of enchantment. The modest rose really does say quite a bit depending on its color.


Exotically Meaningful Orchids


Maybe your tastes are less classic and more exotic. In this instance, the symbolism and meaning of the orchid may be a better fit. Like the rose, the orchid has different meanings depending on its color.


Pink orchids, like the Exotic Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant, honor femininity, grace, and innocence. Purple orchids, a popular color, show admiration and respect. If you want to demonstrate passionate love, red orchids are the flower of choice.


Lovely Lilies Embrace Passion


If you want a flower that embraces passion combined with purity, no matter its color, consider the lily. At once the symbol of purity as well as passionate love, this flower also carries a feeling of promise. The Bronze Calla Lily Design is an excellent way to highlight the beauty of this flower on Valentine’s Day.


Tulips Share the Promise of Spring


Nothing says spring quite like the tulip, and a collection of cut tulips, like the Bright Lights Bouquet, this Valentine’s Day points to the promise of spring around the corner. The red tulip is the symbol of perfect love, while white conveys forgiveness and yellow conveys happiness. A mixed bouquet brings color to the recipient’s home while also conveying a number of meanings simultaneously.


Don’t let Valentine’s Day come and go without the ideal gift for your loved one. As you consider Valentine’s Day and your floral needs, contact Mission Viejo Florist for beautiful, fresh arrangements delivered to your loved one’s home.