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Posted by Grace Bjornstad on October 4, 2016 | Last Updated: February 16, 2022 Flowers

Southern California Game Day Parties

game day parties

Here in Mission Viejo we are surrounded by sports franchises – there is certainly no lack of team spirit! From Los Angeles to San Diego, we have professional and collegiate sports in abundance. And in October, there is ample opportunity to get together with friends and family to cheer on our favorite teams. Mission Viejo Florist is ready to get in the game as well, both to make your game day parties more festive and to provide delicious snacks everyone will love.

Did You Know? The top 5 foods served on game day are pizza, wings, chips/dip, beer and cookies. Change it up a bit this year, with a gourmet gift basket of lavish selection of fruit, candies, crackers or chocolates!

Of course, October means the World Series, and this year we are excited to see the Dodger marching towards the big games! Football season is underway, and the Rams are off to a great start, and the Chargers are ready to battle back. By the end of the month, professional basketball and hockey will begin as well. Whether your team is first in the standings or struggling this year, we know how loyal you are. So when you gather for your game day parties, show your team spirit with a floral arrangement that showcases the team;s colors – proclaim loud and proud who you are rooting for! With blue and white flowers and silver and gold ribbons for the Dodgers and Rams, or purple and gold flowers to honor the Lakers, your game day tables will show off your team spirit in beautiful style. Don’t forget to send to your favorite sports fan as well!

Let the game day parties commence! Call Mission Viejo Florist today to set the stage for a great gathering with family and friends, and cheer your team on to victory.