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Posted by Grace Bjornstad on November 24, 2016 | Last Updated: February 16, 2022 Christmas Flowers & Decorations Floral Design

Decorate your Christmas Tree with Flowers

People are decorating their Christmas trees with flowers instead of tinsel and ornaments, and our homes have never looked more beautiful! This hot design trend is sweeping the country, and turning the iconic piece of decor into a truly spectacular display. Whether you use fresh or silk flowers, a floral Christmas tree is a designer work of art. If you want to try your hand at designing with flowers this year, come in to see us at Mission Viejo Florist!

No matter what the medium, professional designers recommend using oversized pieces for dramatic effect. Silk poinsettias and lilies are popular Christmas themed flowers and will result in a tree with a familiar holiday ambiance. However, many artisans are experimenting with lavish peony, rose, and orchid blooms that create a Christmas tree with an entirely different aesthetic. When working with flowers, there really is no rule as to color – white, gold, and red  are classic yuletide hues, but there is no reason you cannot decorate with blues, purples or pinks! According to the experts, these are the floral elements of choice for Christmas designers.

  • silk poinsettias in pink, gold, purple or red
  • white magnolias
  • roses or peonies
  • ivy, ferns or magnolia leaves
  • silk oak leaves dipped in metallic paint
  • fruits and berries

Some Designer Ideas

Large flowers can be placed around the tree and joined with shimmering swags, or floral garlands and sprays of flowers can also be used in place of singular blooms. Dust with “snow” or glitter for a wintery effect. Layer twinkling lights for a festive glow.

Decorating a Christmas tree with florals is a fresh way to celebrate the holiday season. If you’d like to create a floral tree this year, stop into Mission Viejo Florist for some inspiration and advice. After all, we’ve always known that flowers make everything more beautiful!