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Flowers & Plants for Administrative Professionals Week

Research shows that people who feel valued at work tend to work harder and more efficiently, as well as stay with a company longer than those who do not feel that their contribution makes a difference. Everyone needs to know his or her hard work is important. Beginning on April 23rd, Administrative Professionals Week gives us an official opportunity to show appreciation to all of the valuable personnel who work so diligently every day to keep our businesses and organizations running smoothly and profitably. In order to celebrate the contributions these individuals make daily to our businesses and economy, Mission Viejo Florist recommends desktop plants and floral designs. These living gifts are sure to brighten their day and their desk - and to let them know they are always appreciated!  Read More about Flowers & Plants for Administrative Professionals Week »
Posted by Joni O'Neill on March 28, 2017 | Last Updated: April 2, 2017 Admin Prof Day Flowers Holidays Plants

Easter Floral Designs & Bright Spring Bouquets

There are many ways to celebrate Easter - from the solemnity of the Christian tradition to the fun and whimsy of Easter egg hunts, our traditions are unique and festive. Easter floral designs exhibit bright, cheerful colors and extravagant textures, and we couldn't imagine this holiday without flowers! Check out Mission Viejo Florist's Easter collection, and choose the best arrangement for you. "I must have flowers, always and always!" Claude Monet Read More about Easter Floral Designs & Bright Spring Bouquets »
Posted by Joni O'Neill on March 23, 2017 | Last Updated: March 27, 2017 Easter Floral Design Flowers

Wearing of the Green on St. Patrick’s Day

March 17th is St. Patrick's Day - a celebration when everyone is Irish, regardless of their own heritage! After all, even St. Patrick himself wasn't Irish, meaning that this is a day we can all embrace. From the wearing of the green to the local parade, there are many ways we love to observe this holiday - and Mission Viejo Florist is ready with the uniquely beautiful green flowers you'll need to dress up your home or office for the occasion! Did You Know? Patrick was born in Great Britain, and his given name is Maewyn Succat. When just a young man, Maewyn was kidnapped by pirates and held captive in Ireland. Upon his release, he became a Catholic priest, changed his name, and acted as a missionary to the Emerald Isle. He was so beloved in his adopted home that when he died, they named the day in his honor.  Read More about Wearing of the Green on St. Patrick’s Day »
Posted by Joni O'Neill on February 28, 2017 | Last Updated: March 6, 2017 Flowers St. Patrick's Day

Mardi Gras History

Mardi Gras is a beloved celebration in many communities across the country and around the world. Of course, in the United States, New Orleans is the most iconic of the festivities. Not willing to be limited to just one day of parties, the revelry actually occurs for months prior to Fat Tuesday. But what is Mardi Gras, and why do we celebrate it? The history of the holiday is an interesting combination of pagan hedonism and Christian faith, which has come down through thousands of years. Read More about Mardi Gras History »
Posted by Joni O'Neill on February 9, 2017 | Last Updated: February 14, 2017 Flowers Holidays Valentine's Day

Secret Santa Gifts for Every Budget

The time to purchase holiday gifts is growing short, and Christmas will be here before we know it. If you are part of a Secret Santa gift exchange and can't figure out what to give, Mission Viejo Florist has the inspiration you need. You may not have considered floral designs as a Secret Santa solution, but you should! Recent studies have proven that receiving flowers has an immediate and measurable impact on happiness levels. So give flowers this Christmas, and spread the joy. Read More about Secret Santa Gifts for Every Budget »
Posted by Joni O'Neill on December 5, 2016 | Last Updated: November 9, 2020 Christmas Christmas Flowers & Decorations

History of Holiday Wreaths

We love the Christmas holidays. They surround us with customs  and nostalgia, while we anticipate the opportunity to make new memories with family and friends. The glittering lights, the sound of familiar songs, the aromatic smell of evergreen - it's all a part of the magic of the Christmas season. One of the more iconic symbols of this special time is the holiday wreath, and at Mission Viejo Florist you'll find custom handcrafted designs you'll be proud to hang over your mantle or on your front door. Read More about History of Holiday Wreaths »
Posted by Joni O'Neill on November 26, 2016 | Last Updated: November 9, 2020 Christmas Christmas Flowers & Decorations